Explore the initial profile of the informal settlements hosting IDPs. You can download the data here and access the full map here
Data period: Novembre - December 2014 / Data released on: January 2015
Phase 1 recorded 880 informal settlements. 187 informal settlements were inactives from Phase 1. In addition Phase 2 recorded 42 new informal sites

sites selected out of records. individuals. household, men, women, boys, girls.

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Based on site observations by enumerators

Open to the elements

Limited access to water

Poor quality drinking water

Falling hazards

Limited access to electricity

Risk of unexploded mines


Number of individuals

Site size

Number of sites by size


Number of individuals

Map: Location of the sites

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Individuals / Households

Average number of individuals per household per site

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Based on site observation by enumerators

Sites that include unfinished buildings (buildings under construction)

Sites that include open accommodations (tents or any improvised shelter)

Participating Organisations

The CCCM cluster coordinates work on the ground from various organisations.
This assessment has been made possible through the contribution of various partners.

Number of sites assessed per organisation (based on phase 1 assessment, new sites assessed by REACH)